10+ Side By Side Pictures Of Reality Vs Instagram Photos

Life is not like how it appears on Instagram.

If it was, then these ‘influencers’ would literally be plastic dolls who always cruise around and somehow end up on the most beautiful places on earth. In reality, however, even these perfect Instagram models are humans who take hundreds of photos before uploading the ‘best’ one.

However, not only influencers go through this. I used to do this myself by taking so many pictures that my phone memory would fill up before I posted a handful of pictures that I liked. While it is never ‘wrong’ to look like the best version of yourself, most of the times, these photoshopped pictures can make you feel bad about yourself.

That is probably why this Instagram influencer decided to post the reality behind her perfect shots. So, scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Instagram

#1 Sun’s out, tongues out.

#2 Heading for a car.

#3 Turtleneck.

#4 Orange tones.

#5 Balcony.

#6 Hot air baloon.

#7 Good morning.

#8 White on white.

#9 Pink explosion.

#10 Frothy drink.

#11 Sunrise.

#12 Sunset.

#13 Flower field.

#14 Offside.

#15 The canal.

So while waiting here at the airport in Berlin I figured no better way to spend my time than to keep it real.

This is not gonna be some long emotional story (not that there’s anything wrong with crying and talking to yourself in the shower obviously) but just a little small reminder that every pic you see on my account is one in a hundred (or sometimes four hundred) and it was all about the right angle, right lighting and of course the right filter.

Nothing perfect about me and nothing perfect about my life. Just a girl with big dreams who’s going to regret posting this in 1,2,3…


#16 Calvin Klein.

#17 Croissant.

#18 Teacup.

#19 Cool hat.

#20 Squinting.

#21 Sun kissed.

#22 Warm coffee.

#23 To the side.

#24 Belt dress.

#25 Kisses.

#26 The flavor.

#27 Saucy pizza.

#28 On the beach.

#29 Subway.

#30 Crosswalk.

Which one of these images did you like best? Comment down below and let us know.

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