This Story Of A Customer Service Representative Helping Out An Old Lady Is Too Pure

This guy went above and beyond what was required of his job.

I understand that it’s the job of a customer service representative to help out the callers, but most people would never spend this much time on a single call even missing their lunch breaks for just one person. I personally worked this kind of job for a while and I never paid this much attention to the customers.

However, this guy talked to most of his managers and supervisors just to get a mistake fixed so the widow wouldn’t have to worry anymore about the enormous unjust bill her husband’s bank had accrued. It is nice to see that people like him still exist and this somewhat restores my faith in humanity.

So scroll on below and take a look at this conversation.

Source: Reddit

Hopefully, a good change.

And so the conversation starts between these two.

That is very sweet of you.

Damn, that’s a punch to the gut.

How do you go from $20 to $200!?

Anyone would be crying in this situation.

Yeah, that does happen.

Now, this is what you call great customer service!

I would never be able to hold on for an hour being a customer.

Thankfully, the issue was resolved. Though it took very long.

As it should have since it was a mistake.

Sometimes a person just needs a helping hand.

He went the extra mile and the thanks he got from the lady must have been more than enough compensation for what he did. Comment down below and don’t forget to share this heartwarming story.

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