Guy Takes Revenge On Partner By Photoshopping Her Pictures And The Result Is Hilarious

Gone are the days when you’d stay mad at your partner for long.

Now, you can immediately get back at them by editing their pictures and posting them online. Yep, that’s right. Talk about innovation, people! Forget about holding out on your partner and definitely forget about giving them the silent treatment, edit their pictures, post them online and hope they go viral.

Now, while you may think this is an ineffective way of taking revenge, it’s actually practical and much better than other forms of revenge. According to the famous relationship Psychologist, John Gottman, couples who use humor in arguments and fights tend to stay together happier as compared to those who don’t.

So, scroll on below and learn from the example of this Twitter user who channelled all his anger into something humorous.

Here’s the Twitter user, Tgflx1, who enlarged his girlfriend’s forehead and posted the picture online.


As it turns out, he does it quite often. (Before)

Honestly, what a cute and funny way to take revenge! (After)

I can’t stop laughing.


Here’s the normal picture.

And here considering the size of her forehead I’m just wondering what she did this time.

As always, people had a lot to say about these viral pictures.




@Tgflx’s tweets did not only make everybody laugh, but it also encouraged other couples to share their stories.


Oh my god…this has got to be the best one.


I wonder what he did to deserve this because this Lego is clearly representing him.


Here’s how people reacted to these posts altogether.

So, tell us, would you try something like this with your partner next time they’ve done something to piss you off? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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