Meet Rubble Aka The World’s Oldest Living Cat Who Just Turned 31-Years-Old!

Cattos come in all shapes and sizes and guess what? They’re all lovely.

Big or smol, young or old, they will always behave the same, and they will never fail to impress or captivate us with their charm. And as you might have guessed by the title, Rubble turned 30-years-old last year and officially became the oldest living cat, and now it has been a whole year since then, and he’s doing purrfectly fine! I mean, how cool is that?

Though Rubble has a blood pressure problem, he still seems to be doing just fine. Following are some pictures of Rubble along with his owner. So, we wish him a very Happy Birthday and with that let’s take a look at the photos of the oldest and probably the most wiset cat in the world!

Meet Rubble—world’s oldest catto.

Rubble was born in 1988, and celebrated his 30th birthday last year and now his 31st birthday this year!

Here’s a photograph of Rubble along with his owner, Michelle Foster, of Exeter, Devon, England.

Foster got Rubble for her 20th birthday when Rubble was still just a baby!

Foster and Rubble have been inseparable ever since they first met! And now Rubble is the oldest cat alive.

Creme Puff has the world record for being the oldest cat that ever lived! Unfortunately, Creme Puff passed away at the age of 38 back in 2015!

As for now, Rubble is the oldest one alive and currently holds the record for the oldest living cat.

Although he is on strict medication for blood pressure, other than that he is purrfectly fine!

All in all, Foster loves Rubble very much. “He’s a lovely cat, although he has got a little grumpy in his old age,” said Foster.

So, do we have any Rubble fans here? Let us know in the comments below.

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