Scientist Claps Back After Being Called Unprofessional Because Of Her Tattoos And Hair Color

Appearance has nothing to do with being professional.

Being ‘professional’ is to be competent at your job and nothing else. However, many people with attitudes from the 1800 think that it is okay to judge someone based on their appearance. It doesn’t matter if you are great at your job, all that matters is that you ‘fit in’ or it might ruin ‘their image’ of you.

Honestly, I thought we as a society were moving past this, but it seems that there are still many people stuck in the horrid past. Many people go through this each and every day and this isotope geochemist was no different. Apparently, her beautiful red hair and colorful tattoos make her ‘look like a waitress from Midtown.’

Not only did this guy insult this woman but he also made it seem like being a waitress is somehow beneath other jobs. Safe to say, this guy is not very ‘professional’.

Source: Twitter

This is the ‘unprofessional’ lady.

You go girl!

It seems he was butthurt after being rejected.

It’s hilarious that he thinks she is being rude after he called her a ‘waitress from midtown.’

Nobody asked you to!

Apparently this guy.

Damn, that is just sh*tty.

The hardest flex I’ve ever seen and I love it.

Nobody should stop you from doing anything.

Sounds rough.

He must be a hoot.

Good for you!

Having red hair is amazing (besides the upkeep).

Who knew?

And yet people love to judge you.


She does, doesn’t she?

How ironic.

He couldn’t see his own hypocrisy.

Mansplaining at its worst.

A woman being intelligent and beautiful!?

Geochemists rule!

Hair dye doesn’t make you dumb or I would be a rock by now.

Appearance has nothing to do with someone’s competence.

Always be yourself.

One day, maybe?

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