This Teen Was Asked By A Boy To Send A Nude And Her Response Was Perfect

It’s a situation that most girls groan at- you send a picture to a boy and the first thing he does is ask you for nudes. There are many clever and ingenious ways to get around this but 16-year-old Jacquie Ross from North Carolina may have just found the perfect one.

Whilst texting her friend Michael, who was on the prom committee with her, about outfits, he asked to see a picture of her own outfit. However, having just gotten out of the shower, Jacquie told him she wasn’t fit to be seen and then responded with a picture of her with a face mask on, not considering how her bare shoulders could be seen.

It was after that when Michael asked to see what was below the picture (complete with five winking emojis) and that was when Jacquie got creative. After she answered “Towel bish,” Michael asked to see more and what did he get? More towels!

This went on until she finally appeared in something that wasn’t a towel.

But what was under that?

Of course, another towel!

Jacquie then put the texts up on Tumblr and they have since got 63,000 notes. She also went on to explain that Michael wasn’t just some random creepy guy. “He’s sort of a friend so we talk pretty often,” Ross said. “Not flirtatiously but memes and such. So it wasn’t some random guy from a class.”

After the robe, Jacquie said that he asked her to send a photo with no articles of clothing on. Her response was a picture of blackness and a comment that the room was dark. “My all time favorite thing is how officially, more people hate him than there are in my entire county.”

She also commented that there’s this really descriptive Matrix comment that I can’t even explain to be honest…”

We salute you Jacquie. May we all have your genius in our time of need.

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