Sexist Man Claimed Only “Men Of The West” Can Create Beautiful Art But Internet Shown Him His Place With A Twist

Every painting and every sculpture compliments art and is created with great artistic precision. Moreover, just wearing the right apparel does not qualify for one to be labeled as an artist or an art critic. Nonetheless, the critiquing of a sculpture or an art piece necessitates the understanding of not just art, but, the techniques, key figures, trends and historical significance it was created with.

However, to prevent making a fool out of yourself, the least you can do is Google the historical relevance of the art piece or artist when you’re discussing their work over the Internet. Wearing a beret and sipping wine apparently won’t do the trick.

Ivan Thorne shared a picture of what he believed to be art. To top it off, he shared an opinion about it too. However, the rule is simple. If you don’t want to be publicly defamed over the Internet, You may want to do some research and get your facts straight. Otherwise, you don’t stand a chance with your ballsy claims.

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A huge buzz was created online with this sculpture.

This sexist man claimed that only “Men of the West” could create beautiful art.

And the Internet shut him down for obvious reasons.



The artist behind the sculpture is Lou Li Rung.

Rung, who has also sculpted for the 2008 Olympics studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.

Unfortunately, the party ended much too soon for this ignorant and sexist man.





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