17 Signs You’ve Finally Met A Good Guy

Finding a good guy these days is nearly impossible.

They play too much. It never works out. You’re lucky if you pass the 6-month margin. There is too much lying, games and bullshit. It’s hard to identify whether someone has actually come up to you with good intentions.

So, here’s a little help. Check out these 17 signs that show you’ve finally met a good guy:


#1 He gives you no reason to doubt him.

You want to question him. You’re used to suspecting everything, but he gives you no reason to do it either. He provides you with a clean plate. You don’t feel so insecure anymore.


#2 You expect him to mess things up, but he doesn’t.

You predict worse case scenarios, but he always somehow avoids them. He surprises you with good actions instead. He doesn’t let you down.


#3 He sticks to his words.

He’s a man of his words! He respects his promises and values your trust.


#4 He doesn’t play games.

He doesn’t play immature games. He expresses how he feels. If he’s mad, he tells you he’s mad instead of ignoring you. If he’s happy, he hugs you and says how happy he is.


#5 He won’t let you repeat your past.

He treats you right, and that makes you think back on your previous relationships, and how those guys treated you like shit. You feel grateful for the guy you have now.


#6 He respects your boundaries.

He recognises the fact that you built walls around yourself to stay safe. He understands, and he is patient with that. He waits till you let your guard down and trust him. And he won’t make you regret it.


#7 He tells you it’s okay even when you apologise for no reason.

Staying in toxic relationships made you believe that it is somehow always your fault. He assures you that it isn’t, and tells you that everything will be okay.


#8 He proves to you that he won’t hurt you.

Even when you feel scared and insecure, you know you can trust him. He pays attention to what you say and makes sure he doesn’t hurt your feelings.


#9 The fight you thought would make you both break up, but you didn’t.

Before him, fights always resulted in someone leaving, or you getting dumped. It scares you. But then he surprises you by calming everything down and telling you he won’t leave no matter what. He clears all the misunderstandings and is never abusive.


#10 He puts up an effort.

Even when you’re difficult and guarded, he fights for you. He shows you how much you mean to him.


#11 He is kind.

He treats you right. He uses nice words and gestures. You feel warm whenever he’s around, and he makes you feel like a better person.


#12 He is honest.

He doesn’t lie. Even when the truth is a bit uncomfortable, he still tells you. He tells you the truth when it is embarrassing and doesn’t hide anything from you.


#13 He respects you.

He respects your choices, and who you are as a person. He respects everything you do and tries to understand you.


#14 He changes your life.

He actually has quite an impression on your life and routine. You wake up looking forward to talking to him, and you fall asleep thinking of him.


#15 Not everyone is going to hurt you.

He gives you hope that there are good people in the world.


#16 He sticks around even in your bad days.

Even when you push him away, when you’re depressed and difficult as hell, he stays. He comforts you and tells you that it will pass.


#17 He loves you.

After all the ups and downs, after all those arguments, he still loves you.

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  1. This is all well and good. But, unfortunately this list is more for guys who don’t have any sort of mental illness. I have Aspergers, PTSD, ADHD, Depression, Alexithymia and Anxiety.

    1. With even a single mental illness, guys like me make mistakes. A LOT of mistakes.

    2. We can make the ones we’re with and love doubt us just because it’s harder to see how much we’re trying.

    3. It’s harder for us to keep our words because illnesses get in the way or cause memory issues which make us forget.

    4. It may seem like we’re playing games, when we’re often not. It makes it hard to get things across and seem as sincere as people want us to be.

    5. This one is true. But sometimes, if the guy has depression, it’s hard for us to help the one we’re with to forget their past. Hell, it’s often not really the best idea to forget the past anyway, since your past is part of what made you who you are and may have helped shape some of the things about you that we love.

    6. Sometimes, mental illnesses / disabilities can make it hard for us to wait patiently, because, as is the case with me, we sometimes want to see all of you, the you that exists beyond the borders, beyond the mask you put up. That mask can make it hard for us to understand you at times, and we love it when you give us glimpses into your inner world, because it makes you more understandable to us, and we love you no matter what you have underneath the barriers.

    7. Sometimes WE are the ones who apologize for no reason! I apologize all the time to my fiance’, and so does he right back. And, although it grates on us both at times, it’s still ok, because we both know it comes from a good place.

    8. We do our best to not hurt you. But, sometimes, we do. Not out of malice, not because we’re angry with you, not because we don’t love you with every fiber of our being, but because we get swept up into our own issues, and our own illnesses, and sometimes don’t or even CAN’T tell when we’re getting bad or when we’re hurting you. It often enough is NOT because we want to. It happens because we’re not aware we’re even doing it. When we apologize then, it’s sincere. It sounds like excuses, but it’s NOT.

    9. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. No matter HOW in love you both are with each other. And that’s fine. If you can make it work, and the love is there, then you can both come to an agreement on how to be in each other’s lives in some capacity and find ways to skirt around the issues that happened, then more power to you.

    10. Often, we may SEEM like we’re not putting forth an effort. But, more often than not, we ARE. We often try so hard behind the scenes, against our own minds, and sometimes it comes across, but often it doesn’t. Listen when we say we ARE trying, because many of us are telling the truth.

    11. Some of us are kind. Some of us are assholes, and some of us have moments of both. Who doesn’t? But, with certain mental illnesses, it’s hard for us to tell which face we’re putting forth, and if we’re assholes, it’s sometimes not our intent to be.

    12. We all vary with honesty. EVERYONE DOES. But sometimes, with certain mental illnesses, we may sound a LOT like we’re lying, when we really have never stopped telling the truth, and sometimes CAN’T lie.

    13. We often respect you. But, our respect comes with you earning it. Just like your trust in us comes from US earning it. If we respect you, make sure you keep making us respect you, and we’ll in turn do our best to make ourselves worthy of your respect.

    14. Sometimes, we may not change your life. And that’s fine. Sometimes, we may change it for the worse, and it’s not ok, and we’re often sorry for the lapses in goodness. And sometimes, we change it for the better, but after a LOT of effort.

    15. No, no everyone will hurt you. But, all the same: We might hurt you by pure accident. We don’t mean to. There ARE people out there who will. But when we’re in love with you, we’ll fight to the death for you.

    16. We may not have the ability or knowledge to comfort you. Hell, we may be the ones needing comfort sometimes. It does NOT mean we don’t love you, though. And we’ll do our best to be there, but don’t immediately fault us if we don’t or can’t. People with mental illnesses have good days and terrible days when we can’t even function enough to get untangled from our bedsheets in the morning.

    17. Regardless of everything: We DO LOVE YOU. Sometimes with all our hearts and every fiber of our beings. This fact is TRUE.

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