Woman Finds Out Trainer At Her Gym Posts Pics Of Obese People And Make Fun Of Them

Why not bully those who are are trying to better themselves?

That is the thinking of many people these days, especially these social media fanatics who will make fun of anything and anyone and call it comedy. It has become a sort of trend to ‘bully’ people to get more views, likes e.t.c and cause controversy. Just one look at Youtube and you’ll understand.

While I have no idea why this personal trainer was posting pictures of gym goers without consent on her social media, one thing is for sure, she definitely got what she deserved. At the end of the day, bullying anyone is not okay may it be online, behind their back or on their face.

Source: Reddit

Being a single mother doesn’t excuse her abhorrent behaviour.

She should have realized this before.

You are definitely not in the wrong here.


It’s her problem.

It clearly wasn’t important to her.

Many people are scared because of bullies like these.

Quite deserving.

She might learn to be a better human now.

A shame but true.

This woman clearly didn’t know that.

Glad that you were the one to find out.

It was the manager’s decision.

She wasn’t a random lady either.

It was the woman’s fault, not yours.

So, this might have been for the better.

That is just wrong.

Thankfully, the people in the photos didn’t see them.


A gym should be a judge-free zone.

At least the employer took it seriously.

What would you have done in this situation? Would you have reported her? Comment down below and let us know.

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