Spiders With Itty Bitty Paws Might Just Cure Your Arachnophobia

I am ready to admit my mistake.

My mistake is that I consider all spiders as creepy and disgusting. I know these might sound like harsh words but then again who even likes spider except some very ‘special’ individuals?

Today however we are here to look at some spiders, particularly their paws. I never knew that they had paws because whenever I spot a spider, I am too busy screaming and running around like a lunatic to pay attention to their hairy legs. So forget about their beady little eyes for a while and pay attention to their adorable little paws.

Scroll on below and take a look.

I mean they do look kinda adorable in a creepy sort of way.

However, their paws are not entirely useless as they use them for sensing their environment. This is what Robert had to say about these itty bitty paws.

If you are big you can get those beautiful big, dense iridescent pads as with the Idiommata; or you can get lighter, thus needing less, as in the case of huntsman spiders, which are among the few spider groups – along with jumping spiders – that can run upside down on ceilings and dangle off them with a toad in their fangs.

-Robert Raven

You might just fool me into thinking that these are cat paws.

Although cats don’t have fur quite like this.

Do these images make you wanna hug that spider in your bathtub? Comment down below and let us know.

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