Guy’s Stepmom Gave Away His PS4 So He Takes His Revenge By Renting ‘Her’ House

Let’s talk about exploitation and manipulation.

Both of these are dangerous behavioral characteristics, however when they are both found in the same individual—it’s deadly. Usually, both of these behavioral characteristics go hand in hand, but when somebody distinctly shows these through their actions, you just need to get away from them.

Recently, a guy shared an interesting real-life story on Reddit that is not only eye-opening and satisfying but also hilarious. It gives everyone a valuable lesson and shows how we are all surrounded by chameleons. These chameleons stay nice to you as long as you serve them a purpose. Once you’re of no use to them, they show their true colors.

The following story explains it better with an example, and it surprisingly has a moral mainly for the chameleons.

Read the whole account in OP’s words below:

Via r/ProRevenge

Starting with a little background.

It wasn’t long before things completely changed.

Apparently, she had her eyes on his father from the beginning.

As it turned out, his father asked him that for a reason.

The “stepmom” even resorted to disgusting and sick methods when things didn’t go her way.

However, here’s the turning point.

She thought she had it all under control, but she didn’t have the slightest clue of what was coming her way.

This is honestly by far the most exciting revenge ever.

This is both funny and satisfying.

You don’t fu*k with a man’s PS4. It’s the law.

What do you guys think of this awesome revenge? Let us know in the comments below.

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