Twitter Users Share Stories About Their ‘Mean Cats’

These cats are at the top of the food chain.

By the top of the food chain, I mean, they get the most expensive treats and branded food that many humans can’t even afford to eat themselves. And yet most of these adorable kitties love to bite and scratch their providers. However, at the end of the day, what else can we expect?

That is why when a staff of one mean cat shared a story about her cat, people were quick to respond with their own stories that are just hilarious. This is definite proof that while cats might look innocent, you should never judge a book by its cover.

Source: Nicole

Doesn’t mean your cat will do the same for you.

That is to be expected.

I bet Rory was quite happy with himself.

But…but she looks so lovely!

Why would he?

Are you competing with a cat? Damn.

I would not go through that much trouble for vanilla.

Some problems require smart solutions.

How dare you touch HER bed.

You should already know what she wants!

This sweet angel?

I guess that is…adorable?

If someone can understand that would be the vet.

She does look pretty well-adjusted, though.

Do you have any mean cat stories to share? If so don’t forget to comment down below and let us know.

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