A Tumblr User Posted About Tampon Tax And It Sparked A Discussion

Tampons, the luxury items.

It’s 2019, and still, some men don’t know anything about how the menstrual cycle works. We are talking about EDUCATED men. Men who consider tampons a luxury item because they think women can just magically start and stop ‘bleeding’ whenever they want. How unreal can someone be?

Now, you must be thinking that it’s a bit of an exaggeration and not entirely true. Well, we’ve got proof for you. Please sit back and read the following discussion that was started after a Tumblr user shared her horrific experience at work.

Scroll down and check it out.


“Luxury Tax.”

This is what started the discussion.

Here’s how people reacted. (Not a surprising reaction)

Exactly why sex education important.

Misinformation always creates problems.

This is sad and frustrating both at the same time.

It’s 2018, and still, a considerable amount of people have no idea about the menstrual cycle.

Okay, I was wrong. This is sad, frustrating AND annoying.

There is no comparison between shaving products and tampons. When will the world understand?

What are your thoughts on this whole taxation situation? I mean, the answer is self-evident but still what is your take on the situation? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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