Woman Explains Why She Left Her Job As A Kindergarten Teacher And It Goes Viral

Teaching children is more than a job; it’s a responsibility.

If you genuinely care about children, then you know that as a teacher, it’s your responsibility to educate them and also work for their personality development. Teacher’s play a vital role in shaping children’s personality, and this is something that more people need to understand. But, what good is it if no one co-operates with our teachers? What if they don’t get support from parents and school management alike? How can we expect the teachers who are already going out of their way to educate our children to do their job correctly if no one’s going to help them?

That is why an ex-kindergarten teacher, Jessica Gentry, has spoken and has made her views clear to everybody. After reading her viral post below, I can safely say that Gentry is one of the few teachers who are genuinely concerned about our children.

Scroll on below and read what she has to say about parents and our education system as a whole.


It’s easy for people to make assumptions.

But, the reality is usually different.

Not everything revolves around technology.

Cutting down instructional time to introduce other things is unfair to the kids.

Parents need to act accordingly, too.

“Don’t lose your sleep over them.”

So, that’s the reason.

We can’t help everyone, but we can definitely help someone, and that’s how you make a difference.

“There were a few major events that spurred my departure. I hold teaching in such high regard that watching my most recent administration laugh about students with disabilities, state that we ‘shouldn’t lose sleep over’ struggling students, say that she [a school administrator] ‘washed her hands of this year’ in April was disheartening, to say the least,” Gentry told Good Morning America.

This is Jessica Gentry, everyone. As of this moment, her post has over 270k shares.

Michael Richards, the Superintendent of Harrisonburg City Public Schools, made the following statement after seeing the viral post.

“I would take issue with the notion that teachers are leaving the profession “like their hair’s on fire.” Ms. Gentry may have her own reasons for making that assertion. Teaching is the noblest profession in the world, and the vast majority of teachers are dedicated to the vital work of empowering the next generation. Teaching is definitely a very challenging profession, and it is not for everyone. It requires longer hours than most people believe it does, and it presents multifaceted challenges that blend social and intellectual skills. Some of Ms Gentry’s concerns are entirely valid. For instance, it is imperative that we provide teachers with adequate planning and collaboration time and that we do not pull them away from instructional time. It is imperative that we help students develop strong social skills, especially as society turns increasingly toward device-driven communication. At the same time, we need to empower students to use technology to enrich their learning and develop real-world skills. It is important that we support teachers in developing productive partnerships with parents. Many of Ms. Gentry’s concerns have been squarely on my radar for some time. I have plans to address these and other concerns here in Harrisonburg, where I started as superintendent only a month ago. Too often teachers feel that no one really understands their concerns and that solutions are imposed on them. I plan to partner with teachers so that I am aware of their concerns and they have a voice in the solutions.”

This is how the internet reacted.

“Kids haven’t changed.”

We need more people like her in the world.

She definitely deserves more appreciation!

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