10+ Game Of Thrones Fails That You Probably Didn’t Notice

Many fans were disappointed with the last season.

After all, we have all been dedicated fans all along who watched every episode as it came out and enjoyed the rich and detailed story. However that ‘detailed’ story went right out the window when the creators realized the other books were not gonna be released soon.

And as you may already know, they rushed the ending of ‘Game Of Thrones’ leaving fans with a bitter taste in their mouth. Now, don’t get me wrong, I liked some aspects of the ending, but mostly I was just disappointed, and fans are poking holes in many of the story threads.

You might think that the creators wrapped everything up as best as they could, but there are many questions still left in viewer’s minds, and I don’t think we are gonna get any answers soon.

So scroll on below and take a look at the biggest fails of Game Of Thrones.


#1 Technically the red keep didn’t ‘fall’ then either.

#2 I think they reproduce quickly.

#3 In favor of large battles and dragons.

#4 Yah they just glossed over that.

#5 Don’t think she cares that much.

#6 Why was he brought back again?

#7 It kind of just went Snow White and the Huntsman in GOT.

#8 Well, the show didn’t really explore the extent of her powers.

#9 The Night King is a big fan of art, I suppose.

#10 It’s not like he could have stopped innocents being slaughtered by walking into the dragon.

#11 And now she is on the sea doing what exactly?

#12 That never really panned out now did it?

#13 I guess he wanted to go to the wildlings.

#14 Until the last episodes and it didn’t matter anyway.

#15 Don’t think they can reproduce that fast…or at all.

#16 They cut down the trees for the scorpions I think?

#17 So was Daenerys the new Khal?

#18 That is a whole mess right there.

#19 Maybe they got resurrected behind the scenes?

#20 To be a useless side character?

#21 Doesn’t really matter.

#22 River water, what’s the difference?

#23 She was really focused on Missandei.

#24 It grew back?

#25 For Jorah Mormont.

#26 Where winter never comes.

#27 She ‘recruited’ more.

#28 That didn’t seem to stop everyone else.

#29 Then turn her into the mad queen.

#30 Can’t remember where these are from, to be honest.

Do you think the above things can be justified otherwise? Comment down below and let us know what you found most disappointing in the last season.

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