A Uplifting Twitter Thread For All Those Who Think They’re Ugly Is Amazing

Life is symmetrical; mirror opposite. There are two sides of a coin, just like there are to a story.

When everything in life has another side; another face, then why do we consider only one aspect and conclude everything? We have fire and water, sun and moon, day and night. Everything has its opposite. What goes around, comes around. If you do good, it will come your way; if you do wrong, karma will get you. In a way, that’s what the Yin Yang theory tells us.

So, when there’s another side to everything, why do we lose all hope so quickly? There’s more to us all. There is more to life and the people around us than we know. That is why we’re sharing a mighty twitter thread with you. This thread may be a bit old, but this is definitely what we should see today. It tells us how we think we are ugly when we haven’t even seen ourselves at all times.

Read below and see how we are not the way we think we are.


Have you ever thought about that?

Or when you look at someone you really love?

That look is just priceless!

Can you picture it?

Someone’s actual happy smile is a million times better than so-called ‘good looks.’

Trust me; it’s beautiful.

We all need to understand this.

Do you know anyone who needs to read this today? Go ahead, do your part, share it with them and spread this wave of happiness.

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