CEO’s Post Goes Viral After He Talks About Toxic Mircomanagement & It’s Spot On!

Isn’t it annoying when your manager follows you everywhere 24/7 and makes your work harder than it already is?

Well, it is annoying, and it’s called micro-management. It’s when every tiny part of an organization/company is controlled with absolutely zero freedom for the employees. Actually, calling this annoying would be an understatementit’s suffocating. No one wants to be bossed around to the extent that it starts interfering with their personal life!

We all have a life outside work, and we all need privacy, which micromanaging companies clearly don’t offer. That is precisely why micromanagement is generally considered to have a negative connotation.

While there are many micromanaging companies, there are also those who are strictly against it and give their employees complete freedom and provide them with a friendly environment. A clear-cut example of such a workplace is Wunderman Chicago—a creative tech company. Recently, the president of Wunderman Chicago Ian Sohn wrote an open letter on Linkedin that quickly grabbed everyone’s attention.

Ian understands and respects the needs of his employees and tells that no one should ever “apologize for having lives.” The following is what he believes in the most and I think we need more people like him in the world. Check it out:

There’s nothing but respect for someone who gives privacy and freedom to others.

Blessed are those who work for people like Ian because not everyone is thoughtful.

Image credits: Ian Sohn

After reading the post, people started commenting about their own experiences.

This says a lot about people in general.

Yeap, yeap. That’s true.

However, the situation varies every time.

Though flexibility is a great thing, all situations vary.

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