These 15+ Doggos Before And After They’re Rescued Will Warm Your Heart

How can people be so cruel?

That is the only thing that was going through my mind while I was taking a look at the following pictures. While I am glad all of these doggos found loving homes, it just saddens me to see that there are people in this world who are willing to abuse dogs and use them as bait.

So I urge you to help animals that you see wandering around with mange and skeletal bodies granted that you bring them to a vet if you are not a professional. However, it is nice to see these dogs so happy, and they don’t even look like their before pictures anymore, which is fantastic.

So scroll on below and take a look at these bittersweet transformations.

#1 7 weeks of treatment.

Via Albergue de Animales Dog House

#2 Saved from a fire.

Via Jake’s Page

#3 Coconut after three months.

Via Hippyandcarrots

#4 Augustus in a pool.

Via Nosleeptillwhiterun

#5 Turning to stone.

Via Save a Greek Stray

#6 Rescued pit bull.

Via Friends To The Forlorn Pitbull Rescue

#7 Living in the trash.

Via Frank Bruynbroek

#8 2.5 months later.

Via Commielunchbox

#9 Eye infection.

Via Austin Animal Center

#10 Buried under fur and mud.

Via uebec Society for Protection Of Animals

#11 Street dog named Kelsey.

Via MatthewMcConaugHEYYY

#12 Living off rocks and twigs.

Via Southern Animal Foundation

#13 Used as bait.

Via Trio Animal Foundation

#14 After one year.

Via CowtheHankDog

#15 Living on the streets.

Via  Animal Aid Unlimited

#16 Kenzi in a flower field.

Via onepicturesaves

#17 Covered in black tar.

Via Animal Aid Unlimited

#18 2-year-old doggo.

Via Trio Animal Foundation

#19 Transported to the US.

Via Eldad Hagar

#20 Little Betty.

Via onepicturesaves

#21 Happy Cedar.

Via Paaws Antigua

#22 Max.

Via mdr0124

#23 Love can change everything.

Via mugglequeen

#24 Veterinary Hospital.

Via Janine Guido

#25 Abused and mistreated.

Via baldylox

#26 2-year-old treasure.

Via onepicturesaves

#27 Rescued and happy.

Via 8ardock

#28 Only one year apart.

Via Burnsiah

#29 Locked away.

Via Austin Animal Center

#30 6-year-old Malti-Poo doggo.

Via Park Road Veterinary Clinic

If you’re thinking of a pet, adopt one rather than shopping for one. Many pets need your love and care, so why not give them a home?

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