10+ Hilariously Accurate Tweets Explaining Mansplaining That’ll Make Every Woman Laugh & Then Cry

The pedantic tentacles of mansplaining touch everything from the 21st century – call it “the defining phenomenon” of the century. Because there are some things that women just can’t “get”. Like, the last presidential campaign and Rick and Morty.

Here are 10+ hilariously accurate tweets explaining mansplaining that’ll make every woman laugh & then cry:

1. Just In Case You Weren’t Sure.

2. Jeopardy King Right Here.

3. It Must Be Awful.

4. There’s An Emoji For It!

5. Perks Of Being A Man.

6. Getting The Facts Right.

7. Women Are So Hard To Read.

8. Him: Actually…

9. Nailed It.

10. Game Of Life.

11. Alter Ego.

12. Cirque du Mansplaining

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