21 Tweets For Millennials Who Are Just Tired Of Bullshit

Sometimes, I’m just done with adults complaining about why millennials can’t be successful in the economy THEY ruined, not to mention the whole “Back in my days” bullshit.


Buying a house and getting an education isn’t as easy for us as it was for them, and they just don’t understand that.

Glad I’m not the only one who is tired of their bullshit. Here are 21 tweets from Millenials who feel the same:

#1 How dare you to have both your kidneys?



#2 My phone is all I have.



#3 Have you even compared house prices in 1974 and 2017?



#4 Using my phone is much worse than ruining the economy.



#5 Okay, screw logic.


#6 Tell us more about how disrespectful we are?



#7 Diamonds, so useful.



#8 Bean bags are everything.



#9 *Never*



#10 I just think they’re afraid of us.



#11 Working our ass off isn’t easy.



#12 No racism accepted.



#13 We eat away our sadness.



#14 So WE’RE the narcissists?



#15 Healthcare? Just die!



#16 Who are you going to come for help now?



#17 Blame it on the Millennials.



#18 So so spoilt.



#19 “I’d like to speak to the manager.”



#20 Realistic Monopoly game.



#21 That is a luxury I can’t afford.



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  1. Average home cost in 1974: $35,900.

    CPI Inflation calculator: $35,900 – 1974 = $182,883.

    Average home cost today: $244,800.

    Average fixed rate mortgage on a home valued at $182,883 = $796.
    Average fixed rate mortgage on a home valued at $244,800 = 1,065.

    Difference of $269. And if you do your homework and search around, you can find foreclosures at a fraction of the cost of full value. Not to mention moving to areas where the home values are a bit less if you cannot afford a home in the city where you work.

    The real issue these days is wasted money on frivolous items. You don’t need an $800 iphone where you have to spend $100/month for unlimited data.
    You don’t have to spend $125/month for extended digital cable in HD.

    Pay $8 for netflix, and turn off the extras and buy a house. It’s an investment, and it’s a smart purchase. If kids were being raised properly, they’d know the value of the money that they throw away.

    • Please show me where these cheap ass houses are! Lmao. Also, I drive an hour both ways to work, so that’s approximately $300 added every month. Plus student loans, another $300 a month, making a little over min wage after going to school for three years. Explain to me how I’m supposed to survive off of even paying $1,065 on these cheap ass imaginary houses, along with almost $1,000 in bills and utilities on a $2,000 a month budget.

      • If you have student loans, that implies you have a college degree. If you have a college degree, then you should be making more than $2k, unless you majored in bullshit, which, again, is a consequence of your poor decision making. Every generation has their problems. And every generation complains about it, but it’s no one’s responsibility but your own.

        • Actually she said she went to school for 3 years, meaning she probably was not able to graduate. Something similar happened to me. I ended up not being able to finish school because I ran out of financial aid, they wouldn’t authorize another year for me to complete my degree because my parents, even though I was 26, made more than the minimum poverty level (yet still had trouble paying their own mortgage and car payments each month) so I was not allowed to get financial aid and had to drop out of school to work. It’s kind of backwards that you need a degree to get a job, but you basically have to work 3 jobs to afford to go to school to get the degree. And once you pass a certain level of education you can’t even get a job at a place like McDonald’s because you are over qualified so they won’t hire you because they figure you’ll ask for higher pay than some one who’s more desperate.

    • If you leave the city where you work, how are you supposed to afford a house? Some jobs are not transferable.

      So, no. The real issue is not frivolous items. The real issue is that CEOs make 400 times what their lowest-paid employee makes.

      The real issue is that the minimum wage has not kept pace with the cost of living.

      The real issue is the system, while never perfect, is so rigged in favor of the wealthy that you might as well just take your money to Vegas.

      I raised my kids properly. The parents of the people currently in power did not.

    • Can you do the math on the minimum wage in 1974 compared to the minimum wage now? Or how about average salaries for people in their 20s then compared to now.

  2. My mom JUST finished paying off her college loans for a medical secretary degree that she was assured would always be relevant; it’s been obsolete for 20ish years thanks to widespread computer use. She had to start over at the bottom of a new field while still paying off a degree that was so much garbage by then. She bought a house 14 years ago; standard 30 year mortgage means she’ll still be paying after retirement, since she’s 56. There are stories of people on Social Security still paying off college loans on the internet. Millennials are not unique in this. Oh and that whole thing about Millennials never bitching and screaming for the manager? I work in customer service; pull the other one, it’s got bells on. By no means do I believe that all Millennials are useless, whiny brats anymore than I believe that all Boomers like mom are entitled, judgmental snobs. I’m just tired of the sweeping generalizations on both sides. Long live GenX, who dgaf about this crap because we’re too busy regretting the bizarre names we gave our kids while waiting for the next limited re-release of Crystal Pepsi and praying for Surge.

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