Twitter Is Applauding Young Girl Who Has Perfect Answer For Her Sexist Homework Question

Women can be surgeons too!

Wait, you knew that already? You say its not the 90’s anymore? Well, that is definitely the time-line the following teacher is from. I am sure we can all agree, that we can’t tell anyone what to do. Whether they are a male or a female.

That is why it is so surprising seeing the girls homework’s answer and the teachers response. I thought we were past all this but apparently not.

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It started innocently enough, when a girl was given a home assignment in which she was supposed to write words with an ‘ur’ sound.

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The girl answered ‘Surgeon’ which is right in every regard. However the teacher wrote ‘Or nurse’. The girls father tweeted the homework picture soon after. He also mentioned that both him and his wife were Surgeons so it is clear when their daughter got her influence from.

Not surprisingly, the tweet went viral and people were happy for the girl.

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People were happy to support the little girl.

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Apparently, Some people are stuck in the old times.

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We at Rearfront are definitely happy that this girl stood up for herself. Hopefully many will continue to stand up for themselves and never let these insignificant things stop them from doing what they love.

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