Twitter Roasts PETA To Crisp After They Posted A Strange Illustration Of Breastfeeding Cow

PETA just doesn’t learn.

They try to use logic to get people to become vegetarian but end up doing the complete opposite. Or maybe they do it on purpose to gather attention,

I mean, this isn’t the first time they caused a commotion on the Internet, so we can expect this sort of thing from them. Recently, PETA uploaded a photo on Twitter of a cow breastfeeding an old man. Its purpose was to stop people from drinking cow’s milk. Well, they didn’t quite achieve what they wanted. People started roasting them in return.

Via @peta

Check it out below:

This was the image.


And this was PETA’s explanation for it.

As usual, people reacted in the best way possible.

They roasted PETA to crisp.

Done suckin’ the teat.

Well, according to that logic…

People had the strangest erection…

Weird interests.

The “Why boner.”

PETA shoots their own goals.

Down, hand!

If you look at it that way.

It is okay. We all are.

You can do it if you try.

Better than most girls, I must say.

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