Woman Shares Story Of How An Uber Driver Helped Her Escape A Creep

This guy should be the face of Uber.

After all, we all know that Uber doesn’t have strict requirements when it comes to their drivers so there can be many creepy uber drivers. And I can say this from personal expierence. However, today we are going to talk about the good ones.

You see, when a woman was repeatedly getting harrassed by a guy she said no to, she decided to ‘call her boyfriend’. Her boyfriend being the ‘uber driver’ who she quickly messaged and explained the situation to.

It is sad to see that men don’t leave you alone unless you have a ‘supposed’ boyfriend. A simple no as an answer should be enough and yet here we are. So, scroll on below and take a look at how this interaction went down.

Source: Imgur

Definitely an unusual request for an Uber driver.

Wow, this guy even removed his wedding ring to help the poor girl.

It seems the woman wanted out of that situation and fast.

You can never tell who is gonna turn out to be creepy and aggressive at the end of the day.

I mean, that just sounds undeniably scary.

But, what if the driver turns out to be creepy as well? What are we supposed to do then?

I am well aware that I am making it sound like all men are weirdos, but that is not at all true. However, most girls experiences are tainted by a sample of such men and thus many women are scared to sound ‘harsh’ or ‘rude’.

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