10+ Photos That Show We Don’t Deserve Service Dogs

Let’s be real; we don’t deserve dogs in general.

I mean, humans are capable of hurting others, loving and then also falling out of love with others but dogs? Dogs will stay with us till the end of the line. They are loyal beyond imagination. They will love us unconditionally and will always be there for us. Have you noticed how dogs react to our sadness? Either they sit quietly and grieve with us, or they do their best and try to cheer us up. Now, that’s pure love. On the other hand, we are not like that at all.

Though dogs, in general, are too good to be with us, today we specifically want to talk about service dogs. Imagine DOGS that are TRAINED for the sole purpose of helping/comforting others? That’s the strongest combination, tbh. Now, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the following pictures that we have compiled for you and see just how good service dogs are!

Starting with this brilliant doggo who was awarded an honorary degree alongside his hooman for sitting in all of his classes!


This pup quietly waited for his portrait to be made in Disneyland. 10/10 good boy.


And look at this big boy who got tired of walking around in Disneyland.


Here’s a guide doggy meeting his cartoon dog idol. Brb, I’m crying.


Is it just me or is someone cutting onions in here?


This boy is trying to fit in with the big cat family.


Can we get some appreciation for this little pup who is the most helpful when grocery shopping?


And let’s definitely not forget this handsome young boy who got dressed up for his owner’s military ball.


Look how focused this good boi is. Are we still thinking about why we don’t deserve them?


This pup celebrated his birthday. The expressions say it all.


Here’s big guide doggo teaching smol guide doggo how to be a guide doggo!


Can we spare a minute just to appreciate how this cute little guy slept with his favourite stuffed toy?


Meet the duo of the century. A Blind doggo with his own guide doggo! I can’t be the only one crying, come on!


This doggo knows how to encourage others to do the same.


This pup knows how to comfort smaller animals


Now, here we have these dedicated pups who are testing safety for us.


Here’s a doggo wearing noise-cancelling headphones so his hooman can enjoy his concert.


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