Category: Weird

  • Customer Asks Dominos To Send Over “Their Baddest B*tch” & They Actually Delivered

    Some people are just too creative. Usually, when I order food, I leave in special requests like “Please call instead of ringing the door bell,” or “Please make sure the veggies are fresh” or something. However, one legend decided to make a very unusual request while ordering their pizza. The customer asked Dominos to “send […] More

  • Rick And Morty Mashed-up With Moana Is Deeply Strange

    Parodies are worth watching. Well, maybe not all of them. But at least some. A guy came up with a Rick-and-Morty parody of Disney’s latest animated film, Moana. It is a mash-up of scenes from Moana, as sung by Rick and Morty from Adult Swim’s crazy sci-fi series with the same name, and it all […] More

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  • 36 Of The Best ‘Useless’ Facts You Can Blurt Out Next Time There’s An Awkward Silence.

    What do you do to break an awkward silence? You blurt out an absolutely useless fact, of course. They might consider you smart, or weird. It really depends. So, here are some great and useless facts shared by Reddit users that you’ll enjoy: #1 Graveyard vs Cemetery The difference between a cemetery and a graveyard? […] More

  • 19 Anonymous People Share Their Darkest Confessions

    The thing I like about Reddit is its honesty Regardless of how crazy, dark, or morbid, redditors are honest. Even if it’s illegal, they have no qualms about admitting it. In fact, I remember once reading a redditor talk about how he uses cocaine on a daily basis for 20 years and no one came […] More

  • 16 Shocking Things People Discovered After Running Background Checks

    We all have trust issues. And sometimes, it’s better to be a little suspicious. Better safe than sorry. Don’t trust anyone so easily. I’m not saying this because I’m paranoid. People aren’t who they seem to be. Some people ran a few background checks on their significant others, and what they found out will make […] More

  • What Happens When You Draw While Taking LSD? See This Experiment.

    The US government is no stranger to experiments. During the 1950s, the US government experimented a lot with psychotomimetic drugs by giving human subjects the drugs and viewing changes in their brain activity. However, in one experiment, psychiatrist Oscar Janiger from University of California-Irvine gave LSD to one of his subjects, who was also an artist, […] More

  • Man who said his girlfriend choked on his giant penis is cleared of murder

    Well, that title is a mouthful. This story’s going to be a little hard to swallow, isn’t it? I’m going to say it right now that this probably happened in Florida. Only in f*cking Florida. I’m surprised the state is still in one piece. Recently, a 65-year-old man, Richard Patterson, has been cleared of strangling his girlfriend. They had been […] More