Cam Girl Shares A Horror Story Which Explains Why Women Are Rude To Men

‘You should smile more.’

I’m quite sure many women have heard this. After all, people love to tell a woman what she should or shouldn’t do. I mean, how will we look ‘desirable’ if we don’t smile, right? However, when we are friendly with smiles and all, some men get the wrong idea and just take it many steps too far.

That is exactly what happened to this woman when she tried being nice and courteous towards a stranger, but as you can expect, it backfired. And you wonder why we are ‘rude’ towards men? I’m sure most women have stories like this to tell, but today we are going to read a story from Lily Evans where she warns other women not to do the same as her.

Source: Twitter

A thread every woman needs to hear.

It seems normal at first.

After all, what else can you talk about with a stranger?

But not the best either.

Nobody needs to explain themselves.

Now those are red flags.

That is truly scary.

As anyone would be.

Honestly, this happens more than we hear about.

The horrific problem.

Just to avoid a stranger.

As many men do.

We should all remember that.

So it’s not us projecting on every man.

But how else are we supposed to ‘protect’ ourselves?

It can even cost your life.

That’s how it always happens.

The reason behind our ‘b*tchy’ attitude.

You can’t have it both ways.

Don’t forget to share so other people can be wary of these types of situations as well.

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