These Are All The Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Black Catto Right Away!

Black cats and the reasons you should have them!

It’s time we break the Black Cat Mythology and instead look at the real reasons why we should adopt one. I mean, we’re living in 2019, and if we still consider “black cat crossing one’s path” as a bad omen in this day and age, it’s just ridiculous. Personally, I think whoever believes in such things is just paranoid and also superstitious. In contrast, long ago British Sailors used to keep black cats on board for protection and good luck. (Bet you didn’t know about that!)

One thing people who avoid adopting black cats don’t understand is that their false beliefs about black cats are not only irrational, but they’re also keeping them from witnessing pure happiness. Black Cattos are like all other Cattos—lovely and adorable. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not categorising cats based on their colour, all I’m saying is that black cats are equally cute and they deserve just as much love as any other cat.

To give you a better view of the whole picture, we have listed below all the reasons why you should adopt a black cat, and I think they are convincing enough.

Scroll on below and check them out!

#1 Black Cattos are LOVELY.

#2 They are very photogenic, so you can expect a good photo session with your furball.

#3 They will forever entertain you with their shenanigans.

#4 They want nothing but your love and attention.

#5 They will blep all the time.

#6 They will also do this to you, a lot.

#7 They are extremely friendly.

#8 The chances are they will befriend your other pets and give them more importance. (Jk, but who knows?)

#9 They will get along with doggos too.

#10 They look EXTRA cute in costumes.

#11 They will stare right into your soul for absolutely no reason.

#12 They will distract you with their cute actions.

#13 They are fluffier than you think.

#14 You will never get tired of cuddling with them.

#15 They will look at you like this when you forget to feed them.

#16 They will always give you unconditional love and will never leave your side.

So, are you still looking for more reasons to adopt black kitties?

Did you notice how most of these reasons perfectly fit for all cats alike? That’s true because cats shouldn’t be categorised based on colour as they are all worthy of love equally.

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