Feast On This Wildest Work Revenge Of This Guy On His Boss Who Accused Him Of Sexual Harassment

Who hasn’t heard a good revenge story?

I mean our website is filled with such stories and don’t even get me started on the Internet. Because while we learn as kids, that revenge is never good, sometimes, however, it can be the only option.

And that is certainly true for the following. What do you do when your female boss accuses you of sexual harassment? You obviously plan a whole revenge so you can ruin her life.

Although she did kind of deserve it, I still warn you though; this is going to be a wild ride. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: olaser

Five years ago.


The setup.

Indian boss.

The instigating event.

New ones.

A bribe is all she needed.

Kept her word.

Raging hate boner.

Married with two kids.

The mistakes of Gabby.

Her first mistake.

After three months.


After promotion.

The start of round two.

Sadistic power.

Next recruitment.


Seventy employees.

The last straw.

A rough time.

“Sexually harrassed her.”

Quarterly bonus.

Ruining his life.

The reduced clip size.

Ruining Gabby’s career.

Eleven live traders.

Three weeks later.

Ruining Gabby’s marriage.

A sore point.

Ruin her relationship.


Called in after lunch.

Analysis of trades.

Gabby’s husband.


Stayed behind.

Still single.

Break from trading.

Last time he yawned.

Write all day.

Random comment.

The African guy.

Biggest reason.

That much money indeed.

So what do you think?

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