Woman Dumped Her Husband After She Saw A Photo Of A View From Her Bedroom On Other Girl’s Instagram

People never learn.

That is the only excuse I can come up with. I mean, I can’t personally understand the mentality of the person who cheats on their significant other. Why do it? And If that’s not enough, they tend to do it again and again till they get caught.

So if you’re thinking of cheating on another person, let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, there lived a woman, Yulia Agranovych in a beautiful land far far away called St. Petersburg. She was scrolling one day through her Instagram when she saw something curious.

She saw a picture posted by Vlada Abramovich with the caption ‘City Lights.’ It looked eerily familiar to the view she saw every day from her bedroom, but how could it be? She did some legit snooping and found another picture of this woman with her boyfriend with the caption “Beautiful view from my husband’s bedroom.”

“Like any other person in the 21st century. I began my day browsing through my Instagram timeline, and suddenly I saw this very photograph.” Yulia said.

This is the sexy selfie of Vlada Abramovich.

It turned out that this woman and I have a large number of the same subscribers. Having visited her account, I found many other interesting photographs, including those of my husband.

Her husband, however, denied this and said that Vlada was a girlfriend of his friend. He said she was in his home because he had invited some friends over for drinks before they went to the movie theater. Her response? “When the guests came, they would have headed to the kitchen to drink tea – not to the bedroom.”

He later caved and told her everything.

Yes, he admitted that he was unfaithful. However, he was never ‘mentally unfaithful’ because that is totally a thing, right? And apparently he “told every girl he was married.” 

This turned out to be bogus of course.

However, his other ‘lovers’ confirmed that he did not tell them anything and they were actually quite nice as Yulia says.

The other girls were much more pleasant, one even crying on the phone to me, saying she had no idea he was married. So he was successful in his sorcery.

Yulia confirmed that she would not stick around any longer.

It will be divorce. I hope to do it quickly… such people never change. If he finds a woman who is ready to be with him, and to accept it, let them be happy together.

I’m so glad I got to know about it now and not when I became pregnant, for example, because we were planning to have a family. Or when I was 40, and we have three kids.

Many women supported me, posting that they were proud of my bravery, that I openly discussed it with irony and sarcasm, so now they are ready to get rid of their unfaithful men too.

Thank you, Vlada Abramovich – you are an experienced woman who taught me a good lesson.

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