Woman Gets Paws Tattooed On Her Chest, Now Regrets As Dating Gets Difficult For Her

“No one has ever regretted a Tattoo.” Well, that’s clearly a lie.

Getting a tattoo is definitely a big decision. I mean, you get tattoos with the intention of keeping them and not having them removed later. However, sometimes people don’t think it through and end up getting tattoos that they regret. Now, that’s a big deal, why? Because removing a tattoo isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Sometimes, tattoos only slightly fade away and leave a mark. While it is possible to get tattoos removed completely through laser treatment, there’s always a risk of infection, bleeding and scarring of the skin. Also, it’s not necessarily a quick procedure; depending on the nature of the tattoo, sometimes the process can take a while. And let’s not forget that the healing period can also take some time.

Now, that being said, the bottom line remains the same—getting a tattoo is a big decision. Don’t believe me? Perhaps the following short tale of an 18-year-old who got the wrong tattoo at the wrong place will change your mind.

Scroll on below and see how a small bad tattoo can ruin your love life.

Her intention wasn’t bad, but sadly, it didn’t turn out good.

Why she did this is understandable.

Oh okay. I take that back. It was a horrible decision.

Anyway, we all make mistakes. I mean, this could’ve happened to anyone, but I think a different placement for the tattoo would have been nice. What do you guys think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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