Woman Tweets She Was Raised To ”Take Care” Of Her Husband So Internet Tried To School Her

Meet Brylead, a young girl who dreams of becoming the ‘perfect wife.’

Now you might have thought that we as a society have moved on from raising girls to be a perfect wife for their future husbands, but that does not seem to be accurate as many parents are still stuck in that old mindset.

While I believe that feminism is about making your own choices and that means you can be a stay-at-home wife and do every house chore while your husband works and provides for the family, but that should be your choice.

You should never be ‘raised’ to be something; you should be able to make this life decision for yourself.

Source: Twitter

Are you his alarm too then?

Most cringeworthy indeed.

Wouldn’t argue with you there.


Maybe someone should check?

And of course the memes.

After all, men can’t do anything for themselves, right?

This post is degrading to woman AND men since it basically says that men aren’t capable of doing their stuff, which is just stupid.

Hobbies? What are those?

The problem with our society.

And how it should be.

That is just..wow.

What a great role model.


Straight for the jugular, eh?

That is what she sounds like, to be honest.

You don’t?

I agree.

Is this girl your soul twin?

But that is how she was ‘raised.’

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think the thought process of this girl is how it should be? Comment down below and let us know.

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