Twitter Destroyed This Guy For Giving Health Advice To A Pregnant Lady At Starbucks

Why do people like to butt in other people’s business?

I understand that many people are trying to show their ‘concern’ when they see a pregnant woman do something that in their mind is not ‘okay for the baby.’ However, they should also realize that they do not have a medical degree, so they do not have a right to say anything unless a pregnant lady is drinking alcohol or something.

Everyone can agree that drinking when pregnant is always wrong. And that reading on the internet that coffee is bad for you when pregnant doesn’t make you a doctor. So that is probably why Twitter got so angry when they saw how a barista treated a pregnant woman when she just wanted her coffee.

Source: Twitter

Should you? Are you deciding for her?

She said that its fine didn’t she?

Or maybe he is a part-time doctor.

So many people know what’s best for a pregnant lady.

It’s very sad.

Never stop someone from their coffee.


I mean, he must right?

Go for the large body of water.

Women can’t do anything for themselves, after all.

That is actually a great pro-tip.

Just mind your own business; it’s not that hard.

That is hilarious but might attract evangelicals.

Who calls a stranger mum?

What would you have done in this situation? Comment down below and let us know.

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