Woman Gets Caught And Publicly Shamed After She Tries To Sell A Missing Dog She Found

Why would you try to sell a dog you found?

I honestly can’t make an argument for this lady’s action. I usually try to look at a situation from everyone’s perspective; after all, we don’t know what the other person is going through or needs.

However, this lady is an a**hole, and that is a fact. You see, after finding an adorable husky, rather than trying to find the owners of the dog or calling the police, she decided to sell the dog for $200. Who even does that? Garbage people that’s who. Luckily people recognised the dog and commented on the post till the original owner found the dog.

Source: Imgur

This is the missing dog post on Facebook the original owner had shared.

And it seems the thief put up the dog for sale at a moments notice.

As you can imagine, people were quick to respond to the thief.

An idiot sandwich, indeed.

I honestly can’t understand what this woman is even talking about.

Didn’t leave him out on the street? Why would you do that when you can make a nice profit off of him?

Then please enlighten us with the ‘whole story’.

Rehoming price, eh?

But thankfully the husky was found, and all is well in this world.

The husky luckily got back to its owner, and we hope that the thief gets what she deserves. Don’t forget to comment down below and let us know what you think about this incident.

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