Woman’s Visit To Hospital After She Finds A Lump While In Iceland Shows Reality Of American Healthcare

Everyone pack your bags, it’s time to move to Iceland!

Yes, that’s right! Just like that. And trust me when I say that you will want to move there too after reading the following post. You see, we all know how expensive medical treatment is, especially in the US. With the cost of a routine ultrasound being somewhere between $200-$300, to the cost of a mammogram being somewhat $80-$120, we all know how expensive healthcare treatment in the US is. Not to mention the overpriced IV bag that costs so less to manufacture.

So unless someone has excellent insurance, treatment is hardly affordable. However, in the Nordic countries, treatment in hospitals is not only cheap but also their nurses and doctors are very efficient! You don’t need multiple visits for simple diagnosis, and you really don’t need to make appointments for things that can be done on the spot. How cool is that?

Surely, in the US, we have amazing doctors and highly qualified healthcare professionals, but after reading the following account by this one particular Twitter user, it seems like Nordic countries really do put their people first!

Scroll on below and check it out!


Here’s what Mary Robinette Kowal posted about her experience in Iceland.

Okay wow, that’s new!

I don’t know why, but it all feels so assuring.

Only three dollars?! You have got to be kidding me!

Is there even a concept of appointments in Iceland?

So quick and promising. What else do patients need?

Am I dreaming?


All mammograms should have warmers.

300 kronur roughly equals to 3$.

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