This Guy Tweeted ‘Women Shouldn’t Say Bad Words’, Got Roasted To Crisp

F*ck this guy.


Nicholas J. Fuentes is a conservative media personality. He is the host of America First, and co-host of the Nationalist Review podcast. You would expect better from him, but you can’t. He tends to enjoy causing controversy over the internet.

This sexist tweet being his latest controversy:

Well, excuse you.

Women can say whatever the hell they want. Although I agree that nobody should use foul language, but just to point out females is just stupid. Women aren’t your personal slaves to be handled how you want.

Women on Twitter weren’t happy about this and roasted the guy to crisp. Here are some of the best ones:

1. Journalist Kaj-Erik came up with the sickest burn:

2. He should stay quiet.

3. The cursing continued.

4. No f*ks given.

5. People didn’t hold back at all.

6. Calm down, woman!

7. She really isn’t happy, is she?

8. It turned out disastrous for him.

9. Some people took it deep.

10. Love one another, except this guy.

11. Get with the times!

What did you think of his tweet? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

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