10+ Words That You Think You Know How To Prounounce Untill You Say Them Out Loud

It turns out it is not pronounced as we thought.

Languages are complicated. You might think that a word is pronounced the way it is written, but more often than not, we are completely wrong in that regard. I can’t remember a word that I’ve pronounced wrong on the top of my head, but I am sure that I’ve done it many times. And it is always as embarrassing as it sounds.

Usually, you realise that you are pronouncing the word wrong when someone corrects you in front of a bunch of people which is not fun to say the least. So today we look at Twitter users describing the words whose correct pronunciations alluded them for so long.

So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Twitter

This is why I use google to check the pronunciation of a new word.

I thought it was an accent thing?

Vasoline? What?

It turns out she was also pronouncing vaseline wrong.

So like a fox?

Wait, it is not pronounced like that?

Damn, sounds rough.

How did you pronounce it?

How would we know which words are silent?

It seems like Shannon is not the only one.

Well, everyone makes mistakes.

We learn new things every day.

Now that is just sad.

Wonder who corrected you?

So when did you make the butt?

Chick-Fill-A deserves that.

So the T is not silent?

With an m?

Roaches everywhere!

That sounds like a cat pun.

I did make that mistake when I first learned about memes.

Oh well.

Have any words that you’ve been pronouncing wrong all this time? Comment down below and let us know.

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